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Lots of people who have never experienced food addiction comment on it as if they know. How would you add to their understanding, if you thought they'd listen?

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Michael - We have very similar stories. I have 27 years a day at a time. My book is called The Love-Powered Diet. 'Eager to read yours. - Best wishes, Victoria Moran

Victoria Moran 03.22.2011 at 10:03

I have not read Mike's book, but do have a couple commnets. I grew up with him in the Marblehead, Mass., school system and well remember the challenge he had with weight. (Seeing pictures of him as a kid takes me right back to Glover School, circa 1967.) I'm really grateful he has found answers to this and is now helping other people. One of the things he said in his video is particularly helpful. He spoke about not getting satisfaction from giving in to any form of addition, and I feel this is so true. I love mixed nuts, for example, and it would be easy for me to eat an entire can of them. But then the next day I know I'd want more -- so there would be no lasting satisfaction there. True satisfaction can only be found in deeper, more meaningful things, and not in food, or any other type of indulgence. Thank you, Mike!

Dave Smith 03.09.2011 at 07:03

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