Book clubs

Questions to consider

Could you relate personally to any of the food obsession the author described? What was most convincing, or most undermining, in how the author made his case? 

What do you think is more important: public acceptance for the existence of food addiction, or individuals' willingness to seek treatment as a food addict whether it "actually" exists or not?

Even if you have no experience with addiction, did you see any of yourself, perhaps at a younger age, or traits of others you have known?

Some people scoff at food addiction as an excuse to justify obesity. Has your opinion about the connection between personal responsibility and addiction treatment changed as a result of reading the book?

Do you think that society at large would benefit if insurors were required to fund treatment for food addiction at the same levels it funds addiction treatments that are already accepted?

Do you have a hard time accepting the food can be addictive? Are you likely to think of an obese person differently now?

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