Fat Boy Thin Man

AUTHOR MICHAEL PRAGER knows about obesity from the inside. He was a fat kid and had an obese adolescence that lasted into his 30s; he topped out at 365 pounds in 1991. The story of his transformation, to 20 years of relative happiness and serenity in a consistently normal-sized body, is enough to warrant your interest: It's a good read, with lots of humor, precious little victim-speak, and a happy ending.

But Prager puts a sharp point on his tale: He lost hundreds of pounds in his first 30-plus years, but never kept weight off until he began accepting the practices and treatments that have been helping addicts for three-quarters of a century. His startling results have convinced him that food addiction exists, despite little acceptance in mainstream medicine and popular belief. In Fat Boy Thin Man, Prager lays out paths to recovery that were shared with him, and that he now shares with readers.

"A COMPELLING DESCRIPTION OF THE PROCESS OF ADDICTION." Joseph Frascella, National Institute on Drug Abuse
"A POIGNANT, COMPASSIONATE, AND HUMOROUS PAGE-TURNER." Joan Ifland, Refined Food Addiction Research Foundation

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